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Maple for Student installation guide

Installation guide for installing our Maple Student License on private student pc's.

Maple installation

Download the Maple installer (and Maple update if there are any), copy the Student License Activation Key / Purchase Code from this page (only available from UiS network), run the installer to start the installation prosess.

Please notice that the pictures below where taken during installation of an older version of Maple, and therefore your version number will be different, other than that there is very little difference between these pictures and the pictures/windows you will see when installing a newer version.

Step 1

  • Click Next

Step 2

  • Read and accept the terms of the License Agreement
  • Click Next

Step 3

  • Choose where to install Maple and click Next

Step 4

  • Select Yes and click Next

Step 5

  • Select Yes (or No) and click Next

Step 6

  • If you have Matlab installed, choose to link Maple to Matlab
  • Click Next

Step 7

  • Select Maple Toolbox and click Next

Step 8

  • Select Single User License and click Next

Step 9

  • Click Install

Step 10

  • If Google Chrome is running, close it and click OK

Step 11

  • Select Activate Now and click Next (Activation require a Internet connection).

Step 12

  • Read the text and click Next

Step 13

  • Type in the Student License Key / Purchase Code (see link at the top of this page)

Step 14

  • Fill in all required field marked red*, and select the subscription you want.
  • Click Next

Step 15

  • If it fails, recheck the Purchase Code and try again
  • Click OK

Step 16

  • Click Done

Step 17

If there are any updates for the Maple version you just installed, now is the time to apply them, just double click the file to start updating. Updates are available from Maplesoft.
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