Secure Shell on Windows

The SSH SecureShell and SSH Secure File Transfer program is getting old, and there is no update. It still works with servers running the RedHat Enterprise Linux version 6 system, like CentOS and Scientific Linux version 6, but it won't work with version 7. If you are unable to connect to a server, this is probably the reason. The fix is easy, use PuTTY instead.

Install Secure Shell

See Installing SecureShell on how to download and install the Secure Shell Client on Windows

Secure File Transfer

Use the
(SSH Secure File Transfer Client) to transfer files between your local computer and your UiS-TekNat Unix-account

Click Quick Connect

Enter as the host to connect to (if you are unable to connect to, use or instead)
Enter your Unix-account user name
Select Password as Authentication Method and Click Connect

The first time you connect to a host (server), you should verify the fingerprint of the host public key.

Enter your Unix-account password.

Files in your Unix-account is shown in the right window, local files in the left. Use drag and drop, between the right window and the left window or between the left window and your desktop or between the left window and the Windows file-explorer.

To create a new folder in your Unix-account, click icon shown by arrow 1 and give the new folder a describing name, arrow 2.

When you are done transfering files, click on icon pointed to by arrow 1 to disconnect from host (server), then just close the SSH Secure File Transfer client program.
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