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UNIX-user registration

By sending this registration form (see below) to user @ ux.uis.no, you accept the rules, on http://www.ux.uis.no/retningslinjer, for usages of the UNIX-system. The rules essences boils down to the The Cardamom Law (Kardemommeloven):

The Cardamom Law   Kardemommeloven
You shall never bother others,
You shall be both fair and kind.
And whatever else you do, I shall not mind.
  Man skal ikke plage andre,
man skal være grei og snill,
og for øvrig kan man gjøre som man vil.

UNIX-user registration form

Cut and paste the following, fill in your data and mail it as plain text (no Microsoft Word docx or any other attachment) to user@ux.uis.no, from your @stud.uis.no or @uis.no mail account (to verify you as a UiS student or employee), the mail subject has to be UnixUserReg.

Mandatory fields for students is marked with a *, registration forms (UnixUserReg mails) with empty mandatory fields will be deleted/ignored. Mandatory fields for employees is the same as for students except for "Study start/end".

To: user@ux.uis.no
From: "you"@stud.uis.no or "you"@uis.no
Subject: UnixUserReg
---------------------- Cut Here -----------------------------------
* UiS id:
* Name:
* Email:
* Association:
* Faculty of:
* Department of:
* Study start:
* Study end:
* Desired user name:
SQL Database:
GeoLab account:
Multiphase account:
---------------------- Cut Here -----------------------------------

Field explanation:

  • UiS id - your UiS student or employee number.
  • Name - your full name - given name first, middle name, surname/family name last (please do not use all caps).
  • Email - your @stud.uis.no or @uis.no address, (all number address like 123456@uis.no is a defective/bad email address, non uis.no or bad addresses right no account !)

  • Association
    1. Student
    2. Bachelor student
    3. Master student
    4. PhD student (Stipendiat)
    5. Postdoctoral
    6. Employee (only for permanent employees)
    7. Other --> explain
  • Faculty of
    1. Arts and Education
    2. Science and Technology
    3. Social Sciences
    4. Other --> explain
  • Department of
    1. Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering
    2. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    3. Energy and Petroleum Engineering
    4. Energy Resources
    5. Mathematics and Physics
    6. Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science
    7. Safety, Economics and Planning
    8. Other --> explain
  • Study start - your current study (bachelor/master/!PhD/Postdoctoral) started - year-month (yyyy-mm)
  • Study end - expected completion of your current study (bachelor/master/!PhD/Postdoctoral)- year-month (yyyy-mm)
  • Desired user name - The user name is limited to 8 lower case letters and numbers, it has to start with a letter and can't be shorter than 3 characters. It must reflect your name somehow. You may enter more than one user name, separated by a space, in case your first choice is already taken.
  • SQL Database: y/n - If you want a SQL database (MySQL), please explain why. No or poor explanation right no SQL database !
  • GeoLab account: y/n - if yes explain why - only for those (employees or students) taking the IER "geolab" or "drilling" course. Specify why you need this, no explanation right no GeoLab account !
  • Multiphase account: y/n - if yes explain why - only for IEP/IER students. Specify why you need this, no explanation right no Multiphase account !

Using the UNIX-system

Use SSH to login from home. On a GNU/Linux client just type "ssh hostname" in a shell. On a Mac type "ssh -X hostname" ("-X" is needed to enable X11 forwarding). On Windows, download and install the PuTTY or Bitvise SSH Client. NX is necessary for running and displaying X11 programs on a Windows client.

Hosts available for SSH login (se also server cluster):
  • ssh1.ux.uis.no - just a ssh log in server, not for running jobs, available from most of the Internet.
  • ssh2.ux.uis.no - just a ssh log in server, not for running jobs, available from most of the Internet.
  • ba7.ux.uis.no - accessible from some local Norwegian networks only.
  • ba5.ux.uis.no - accessible from some local Norwegian networks only.
Info on NX login (in Norwegian) enables GNU/Linux, Mac or Windows user to get graphical login to a remote GNU/Linux host (remote desktop). NXInnlogging

Changing password

Changing password has to be done on the server johanna (jo). This host are only accessible on the campus network, not from the Internet. To log in from outside, you have to first SSH to one of the SSH servers (ssh1, ssh2, ba7 or ba5) or login to one of the workstations in E353 or use NX. Then use the command ssh johanna, in a terminal window, to log in. Use the command passwd to change your password. Please notice that it will take up to 10 minutes for the new password to become active. Johanna is a special server and should be used only for changing password, nothing else please.

The UNIX/GNU Linux workstation lab

The workstation lab is located at E-353.

More info

More info, in Norwegian..., available at http://info.ux.uis.no/

Theodor Ivesdal
UNIX System Administrator
Office E-322
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